Mark and Lisa's picture archive Part IX -February 2001


Lisa and Mark are very pleased to announce the birth of their son Ethan on February 17, 2001 at 1:30AM at Women's College Hospital in Toronto. He weighed 7lbs 8oz. We are all enjoying getting to know one another. See more below...


Mark holding Ethan. This picture was taken a few minutes after Ethan's birth by Lisa!!


A close up of Ethan a few minutes after birth.


Marcia holding Ethan.


Marcia and Henry holding Ethan.


Geila holding Ethan.


Jon holding Ethan while nurse checks baby with Alisa, Kevin and Pam looking on.


Sean holding Ethan.


Mark holding Ethan.


Giela and the Jacobs visiting Ethan.


Lisa bathing Ethan.


Ethan in his bouncy chair.


Ethan being bathed by his grandmother Cheryl.


David holding Ethan.


Henry with Don and Bubbles.


The Mohelet at the Bris with Geila, Cheryl and Marcia.


Lisa at the Bris.



Ethan watching T.V.



Ethan just being beautiful.



Ethan wondering why I am taking so many pictures of him.



Ethan smiling.


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