Mark and Lisa's picture archive Part VII -1999


Mark and Lisa at the FDR Memorial in Washington.



Sam and Sarah - they recently celebrated their bar and bat mitzvahs.



Lisa's uncle David and cousins Larry and Emily.



Mark, Lisa, David, Carol, Cheryl and David at the bar/bat mitzvah.



A group of Lisa's archival buddies at our home.



Lisa's uncle Barry who visited from Saskatoon. We were enjoying ourselves at Thai Shanh Inn, our favourite Thai Restaurant.



Lisa at work with Mary and Kate.



Our friends Nicole and Avi just got married.



This photo is entitled "Avi and Nicole seeing their lives flash in front of their eyes".



Steve, Lawrence, Mary, Mark and Lisa at a birthday party for Mary.



A barbie cake that Lisa, Kate and Lawrence made for Mary's birthday party.



Lisa and Michelle Gumprich at Michelle's wedding in Vancouver.



Our friends Dana and Mike took us whitewater rafting in Quebec.



My brother Kevin just got married to Alisa and here they are under the Chupa.



Kevin and Alisa dancing at the wedding.



Mark's parents Marcia and Henry giving a speech.



My brother Jon and his fiance Pam.



The Blumberg boys with Alisa.



Mr. and Mrs. Weiner with Alisa.


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