Mark and Lisa's picture archive Part VI -Southern Africa

We just spent a month in Southern Africa visiting South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana. Here are a few of the pictures.


Lisa and Mark on a Harbour tour in Mossel Bay, South Africa.



A Crocodile farm in George.



Lisa with an elephant at an elephant sanctuary outside Kynsna, South Africa. The 3 elephants who live in the sanctuary- Harry, Sally and Duma - were saved from being culled by game authorities at Kruger National Park. They were rescued and brought to an area outside of Knysna to live. The elephants earn they keep by allowing people to visit them.



This is how close we got to the elephants.



Cabin at Tsitsikama National Park on the Garden Route.



Biltong store at Storms River mouth. For more information on how to make this South African delicacy please visit my Biltong Adventure home page



Lisa with local children in Kwazakale township in Port Elizabeth. Behind her are the new houses being built by the South African government to replace shanty dwellings as seen in the next picture.



Shanty town in Port Elizabeth.



Wendy and Gladman's home in Kwazakale. Pictured here are Wendy, her daughter Sandisiwe and Wendy's sister. Gladman, and his sister Veronica, are the children of Eunice Mafunga, who was our domestic helper in South Africa.



Three white rhinos at Shamwari Nature Reserve outside of Porth Elizabeth.



Our next door neighbours in Port Elizabeth - the Ehingers. Pictured are Lisa, Julie, Mark, Mrs. Ehinger and Mr. Ehinger. Otto Ehinger, not shown, is an accountant in Vancouver.



Julie and her husband Jared.



Mark at Blumberg Road in Port Elizabeth.



The house that Mark used to live in when he was a kid. The Oliviers are the current owners of the house. They bought it when we moved. Pictured here are Mrs. Olivier and one of her daughters.



Mark with Steven Bernstein. Steven was a classmate of Mark's at Theodor Herzl School in Port Elizabeth. He now works with his father at the Buttercup Bakery in Port Elizabeth. They make really delicious baked products.



Lisa on a 50k bike ride to the Cango Caves and the area surrounding Oudtshoorn, South Africa.



Lisa riding an ostrich in Oudtshoorn. Outdtshoorn, located in the little Karoo area of South Africa, is the ostrich capital of the country.



Robbin Island pictured with our guide. Nelson Mandela was imprisoned on this island for almost two decades. Our guide was also a former political prisoner on the island.



Our favourite fruit juice is Ceres Fruit Juices from South Africa. We took an amazing factory tour of the Ceres Fruit Growers and Ceres Fruit Juices Factory. We got to drink all sorts of wonderful flavours and see the incredible production line.



Selwyn and Irma Myers, Mark's relatives at a restaurant in Cape Town.


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