Mark and Lisa's picture archive Part V -Southern Africa (Continued)


One of South Africa's beautiful beaches -Clifton Beach in Cape Town.



Helen Lieberman, one of South Africa's foremost social activists. For several decades, she has been involved in empowering the most disadvantaged segments of South African society. She is pictured here at the head office of the non-profit organization Ikamva Labantu. Ikamva Labantu has some amazing projects which we were very fortunate to have had an opportunity to visit.



A day care in Crossroads, near Cape Town. There are about 60 children in a very small room - this is considered to be a model daycare for the area!



Harry and Dennis Saacks, relatives of Mark.



The Cape Malay part of Cape Town.



Mark and Fatima Dike, a South African playwright and friend of the family.



Mark's relatives Brian Altshuler and Merle Datt in Johannesburg.



Lisa at Victoria Falls. It was really amazing to see the Falls and the tropical rainforest which surrounds it.



Lisa on the front of a raft. We went white water rafting on the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe. It was one of the scariest things we have ever done. The strong white water rapids and currents flipped the boat 3 times. There were also crocodiles in the river. Between the water and the crocodiles we were lucky to have gotten out alive.



Lisa in front of our tent at Camp Moremi. This fantastic safari trip was organized by Desert and Delta Safaris. We had a great four days in Botswana at 2 different camps.



The camps were only easily accessible by small aircraft. The game was so plentiful in the area that were able to view them from the air, especially large elephant herds in the Chobe area of Botswana.



Two lions enjoying dinner while a third relaxes. In lion prides it is the females who prepare (kill) the meals. The young male lions pictured here are enjoying the fruits of her labour.



Zebra mother feeding its baby at Camp Moremi in Botswana.



Lisa and Mark on Mecoros - which are dug out canoes at Camp Nxabega in Botswana.



An elephant doing a mock charge toward our vehicle.



A giraffe at Camp Nxabega. Nxabega in the local African language of the area translates into land of the giraffes. We were fortunate to see many giraffes during our stay in Nxabega including a few that were only a few weeks old.



One of the vehicles that we used for game viewing in Botswana. The guides were excellent. They are able to track different animals using their footprints (spore) and their dung. Hopping out of the car to heed the call of nature could sometimes be a little nerve-racking, especially when we were tracking lions.



Nelson Mandela's room in Soweto, prior to his imprisonment on Robbin Island.


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