Mark and Lisa's picture archive Part IV


Amy, Josie, Maureen, Jaclyn, Lee and Lisa at our old apartment.


Daniella Weber, Brandon Geithner, Michelle Gumprich, Avi Pollock, Nicole Shuckett and Lisa at Trattoria Primavera - a really good Italian restaurant.

Mark and Lisa at Trattoria Primavera.


Lisa and Mark had a wonderful sushi lunch with our friends Kathy and Norm from Boulder, Colorado.


Our friends Bryony Munns and Peter Hunter at a Chinese restaurant recently.


Yakov and Pam Bielak (nee Scharfe) with Sherry Sharfe. Lisa has known the Scharfe family since she was little in Saskatoon. Actually Lisa is still little so maybe we should say since when she was young.


Lisa's cousins Anna and Molly from Saskatoon.


Did we mention that we just recently got married - well here is a somewhat blurry picture from the reception. We will have to add more pictures soon on that subject.


Mark's cousins Alexa and Gabriella from Long Island.


Lisa, Peter and Bryony at Jerusalems enjoying a buffet.


Lisa at the Zoo. In the forefront is a really scary animal.


Bryony at the zoo. She is very close to an Ostrich. The ostrich has nothing to fear because Bryony is a vegetarian and does not make biltong!

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