Mark and Lisa's picture archive Part III


Mark and Amy around the Pesach seder table.


Our friend Bena. She is really special. Not only does she have more chanukiot (candelabra's) than we have computers but she also calls us!!.


Mark and Lisa at the boerwar exhibit in Ottawa at the War Museum.


Louis Riel carved in ice outside the Ottawa parliament buildings.


Lisa and Nicole making valentine day cookies.




This is about a riske a picture as the censors will allow on the site. Do you think Nicole was getting mad at me because I was taking lots of pictures or because I was eating all the cookies!.


Mark at the Hershey's chocolate factory just outside of Ottawa.


Mark with our friends Dave and Ellen Grossman (in the middle) and their friends.


Steph, Michael, Peno, Lisa and Dana enjoying a little hors dorvres.


A jack and jill with a few of our friends - ok all of our friends -ok some of those people are actually extras that we paid to stand on the stairs.


Amy, Josie, Maureen, Jaclyn, Lee and Lisa at our old apartment.


Richard wrestling with some of his younger relatives.

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