Mark and Lisa's picture archive Part XX - November 2003 -February 2004

Mark, Lisa, Henry, Marcia and Theo.


Cheryl, Theo and Jaclyn.


Sean holding Theo with Danuta and Lisa.

Ethan kissing his little brother Theo.


Ethan and Theo watching Tree House television together.


Ethan and his dad holding sleeping Theo.


Ethan and Theo with Hannah and Leah.


Theo wondering why we are taking so many pictures of him.


Theo starting to control the TV.


Ethan as a lion at Halloween.


Ethan the lion with Theo the Superman.


Ethan and Theo with their wonderful mother, Lisa.


Ethan watching his favourite show Dora the Explorer.


Barry, Molly and Janice visiting us from Saskatoon.


David with Theo.


Ethan helping Lisa make Pavlova. Did you know that it is very important to try the Pavlova at 1 minute intervals to ensure that the taste is just right!


Theo being his beautiful self.


Ethan unsuccesfully trying to teach Theo guitar.


Theo all ready for the cold.


Theo with his big brother Ethan.


Another beautiful picture of Theo.


Theo being held by his Granny Marcia.


Jamie Oliver posing with Theo. A large number of people turned out to see Theo recently in Toronto.


Ethan in his school play.


Theo playing hide and seek with Ethan, hiding in the laundry basket.


Ethan kissing Theo.


Theo with his aunt Joanie from Winnipeg.


Ethan with his mommy lighting Hannukah candles.


Ethan with his Baba lighting Hannukah candles.


Cheryl, David, Ethan and Sarah lighting Hannukah candles.


Ethan with Lee lighting Hannukah candles.


Theo being beautiful.


David and Cheryl taking a picture of Theo.


Theo with Cheryl.


Theo smiling.


Boots, Dora the Explorer, Ethan and Mark.


Theo being his good self.


A picture of Geila Sheps, affectionately known as Baba Geila, who was Lisa's grandmother and Ethan and Theo's great grandmother, who passed away on February 9, 2004 and who will be sorely missed by all.


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