Mark and Lisa's picture archive Part II


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Amy who is Lisa's cousin.


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Lisa and I recently went with Lee and Morgan to see David Broza, Mark's favourite musician, who was performing with Amy Sky and some other guy.


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Lisa and her cousin Maureen organized a very succesful Channukah cookie baking bee.    Pictured from left to right are Katie, Jaclyn, Lisa, Maureen, and Amy.


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And here Lisa is masterfully individually decorating each cookie.


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While the others were playing with Channukah Cookies the serious work being done by Jaclyn and Mark.   They were making delicious sushi.


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The most beautiful dog in the world -Corkie.


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Lisa and Mark's friend Nicole on her big moving day.  

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This cat named Rocky will only temporarily be on the site.  That is he will be immediately removed when Lisa finds out that Rocky's picture has been placed here surreptitiously by Mark.  Rocky is the Jacob's cat and Lisa think there is only place for one pet on this site - ie. Corky.


Our new house

This is our beautiful new (well 60 year old) house. We will only be moving to it in March.


our backyard

This is our new backyard.


freidins and bielaks visiting

In this picture are our good friends Pam, Yakov, Brenda, Mr. Levitt, Josie, and of course Lisa


ethiopian meal

Mark's favourite food is Ethiopian. It is delicious and excellent value. Here a bunch of us are at Awash on Eglington. Which reminds me that the Mark and Lisa web site will soon be presenting its list of favourite Toronto eating establishments. From left to right is Lisa, Avi, Nicole, Shauna and Ayal.

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