Mark and Lisa's picture archive Part XVII -July - November 2002

Here are our pictures: (Sorry there are so many - it is 4 months worth)


Ethan and us visited Saskatoon and Lisa's family Barry, Janice, Anna, Katie, and Molly (In this picture is Molly and Anna)


Molly, Barry, David, Cheryl, Granma Julie and Ethan in Saskatchewan.


Lisa with Ethan.


Ethan with Velma, Scooby and other characters at Canada's Wonderland. Ethan really likes the helicopters and old fashioned cars.


Ethan with Geila at Winnipeg Beach.


Ethan with his dad on a train in Winnipeg.


Ethan with his grandpa, Henry.


Ethan with his granny and grampy.


Ethan taking his dog for a walk.


Ethan after forgetting to wash his face after eating.


Ethan with his friend Rebecca who has now moved to Montreal.


Ethan enjoying the pool.


Ethan having fun in the bath.


Ethan enjoying blueberries


Owen riding Ethan's car.


Ethan patiently waiting in a traffic jam.


Ethan having a lolipop with his friend, Francesca.


Ethan loved riding around in the neighbourhood and seeing all the dogs.


Ethan with his cousin Jaclyn.


Ethan with his cousin Amy.


Ethan with his cousin Sarah.


Lisa enjoying a couple minutes of quiet.


Ethan having fun with Richard.


Ethan with his uncle Sean.


Sean helping Ethan down the slide.


Ethan smiling.


Ethan with Sean, Marcia, Lisa and Henry.


Ethan with Sean after visiting a local Italian restaurant.


John giving Ethan his first haircut.


Ethan enjoying a movie and popcorn.


Ethan with his cousin Lee.


Ethan with his friend Ben.


Lisa with our friends Michelle and Daniel visiting from Vancouver.


Ethan with his shovel or as he calls it his "geetar" (ie. guitar)


Ethan with his grampa David and bubba Cheryl.


Ethan dressed up as a lion.


Ethan trick-a-treating.


Mark's brother Kevin with his new baby Matthew Scott.


Alisa, Kevin and Matthew Scott in the hospital.




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