Mark and Lisa's picture archive Part XI -July 2001

Ethan in beautiful outfit.


Ethan after a bath


Ethan after a bath2


Ethan likes leather couches.


Ethan likes leather couches2.


Mark, Lisa and Ethan at Mark's graduation for his Masters of Law degree at Osgoode Hall Law School.


Ethan ready to go out into the sun.


Close up of Ethan ready to go out into the sun.


Ethan with favourite worm.


Ethan enjoying the front deck.


Ethan complaining that he much prefers reading the Globe and Mail on line because this paper is making his hands quite dirty.


Ethan being cute.


Ethan being extra cute.


Kate, Lawrence and Owen.


From left to right Lawrence, William, Owen, Ethan, Lisa and Maggy.


Lisa and Ethan.


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