Mark and Lisa's picture archive Part 1


Lisa holding small mouth bass

Mark and Lisa recently visited our good friend Pamela and Yakov's cottage. We had a wonderful time. Lisa was particularly adept at catching fish, and now considers herself a professional angler. She caught 4 fish in 25 minutes. Here Lisa is holding one of the smaller fish that she caught.

Dana and Michael glowing at their wedding

Our good friends Dana and Michael Stoffman recently tied the knot. What a wonderful wedding. They had their honeymoon in Spain, Portugal and Morrocco - we also hope to one day visit these exciting places.

Jonathan with birthday cake

Jonathan's 30th birthday with (from left) Henry (Pa), Jonathan, Mark, Kevin, Alisa, Sean and Lisa (the photographer)

Geila hugs Maureen

Geila, Lisa's grandma, hugs Lisa's aunt Maureen.

Geila, Amy, Jaclyn, Katine

A few family and friends getting together for some reason which escapes me.


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Jonathon blowing out his birthday cake.


dancing.jpg (18599 bytes)


Mark Fink dancing with his grandmother.


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Lisa on a safari - well at the Metro Toronto Zoo.


grossout.jpg (12225 bytes)


The real Lisa - really grossed out by fishing.  Yakov is showing her how to remove the hook.


painting.jpg (16061 bytes)

Lisa stenciling our dining room table.


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Amy and Jaclyn reluctantly parting with their toys before a garage sale.



Lisa in Tel-Aviv

Lisa in front of the Modern Art Museum in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Lisa and Mark met in the summer of 1993 at Hebrew University of Jerusalem and they have been stuck with each other ever since.

Lisa in California

Lisa on the California Coast. Mark and Lisa took a coastal adventure from Vancouver to San Francisco to visit Mark's relative's Pelman and Ricca and also his friend Ronnnnn Berrol.

Mark making biltong

Mark making Biltong at his former Vancouver residence. Biltong is a South African dried meat delicacy. Check out my recipe.

Mark next to a totem pole 
- 12.9 K

Mark standing next to a totem pole in Duncan B.C.

Mark in Banff

Mark in Banff National Park in Alberta - nice park, bad government.

Mark enjoying high tea  
- 12.5 K

Mark and Lisa when visiting Victoria were sure to check out the Empress Hotel's High Tea. Wow.

Some of Mark's English relatives 
-John, Richard, Mark, Karen, Lorna and unidentified dog

Some of Mark's English relatives -John, Richard, Mark, Karen, Lorna and unidentified dog


Mark exiting Hershey's 
Chocolate World with lots of loot - 42.8 K

This picture shows Mark exiting Hershey's Chocolate World with lots of loot. Finally I got to go to a chocolate factory.

Lisa at Ellis Island
 - 12.4 K

Lisa and Mark were recently in New York. We spent a day visiting the Ellis Island, an important site through which many new immigrants to the United States arrived.

Lisa at the Statue of Liberty 
- 33.0 K

Lisa at the Statue of Liberty

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