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Biltong is South African dried meat. The word comes from Dutch with BIL meaning buttock and TONG meaning strip. Biltong is really good. Do not even think of comparing biltong to "beef jerky". Biltong is a delicacy that many South Africans love to eat. Or as the The Marketing Department of the Meat Board once wrote "South Africans are a meat-eating nation". I can't believe I just put that quote in. Well just so no one thinks I am trying to plug red meat - red meat is very bad for your health. But just as long as red meat is still legally available this biltong recipe will stay up. This page will tell you everything you need to know about making biltong.


Here is a picture of me at a Biltong store in Storms River Mouth in South Africa. It is incredible the variety and quality of biltong sold in South Africa. In November of 1998 I had the opportunity to spend a month in Southern Africa and it reminded me of how seriously some South Africans take their biltong.


an electric fan
a light
1 kg meat-many different meats can be used -if you do not have access to ostrich, game etc then try a cut of beef like eye of the round or flank(my favourite)
some vinegar
less than a table spoon of course salt (or Kosher salt)
1/4 cup of brown sugar
1/2 cup of coriander (whole)(get it at a bulk food store)
1/2 teaspoon pepper

just to be extra square you also need a good knife, fridge, electricity, scissors, a couple of bowls, some nails or hooks, a hammer and someone to make fun of you for trying to maintain your South African heritage. A couple other ingredients that I have never used but you may wish to use are bicarbonate of soda (apparently to prevent mold setting in) and saltpetre which acts as a preservative and gives the biltong a bright red colour.


  1. Wash the meat.
  2. Cut the meat at an angle with the grain into about one inch strips.
  3. Sprinkle vinegar over the meat
  4. Place the coriander in a bag and lightly crush the whole coriander so that the effect of the coriander will be greater.
  5. Make the "biltong mix" by combining the course salt, brown sugar, coriander, black pepper.
  6. Dip the meat into the "biltong mix" until all the mix is used up.
  7. Place the meat in a tray for a few hours, or over night, in the fridge.
  8. After a few hours dump any blood that has seeped out of the meat.
  9. Dip the biltong quickly into a water/vinegar mixture to remove surface salt.
  10. Hang the biltong by making a very small incission through the slice of meat with a knife about an inch from the end of the meat.
  11. Cut the string into about 10 inch strips which are placed through the meat and tied to form a loop.
  12. Hang the biltong in a place not to far from an electrical outlet by taking the loop of string and place it on the hook or nail or hangar or whatever device you have created to suspend the meat.
  13. To dry the meat turn on the light(regular light bulb) and the fan and leave for about 4-7 days depending on humidity, temperature and taste.

Serves 1 hungry South African


Ha!- if you have any biltong left after a couple days then you are either a very lucky person or have added too much salt! Biltong can be frozen. It can be grated and used in such dishes as Biltong Frittata or Biltong and Cheese Quiche which I personally thinks sounds gross!

Thanks to Dr. Solly Rosenberg of Philidelphia, Dr. Mark Cohen of Winnipeg, and the late Pelman Sacks of Fremont, California for their encouragement.

Believe it or not, I have some interests other than Biltong. I am a estate planning and charity lawyer in Toronto, you can see my law firm Blumbergs website or my non-profit and charity law page or my personal home page if you are interested. Please E-mail me comments, questions and suggestions.

Buying Biltong in Toronto

I have received a large number of requests for information on purchasing biltong all over the world. For those who have suggestions for different cities or countries please send them along - share the wealth. No I don't sell biltong - I could never make enough to do that.

The best place to buy biltong in Toronto or for that matter Canada is at Eat Sum More which is near the Promenade Mall at 7700 Bathurst Street, Unit #6 Thornhill, Ontario L4J 7Y3. You can call them at (905) 881-1368 or e-mail them at I think they ship biltong all over North America. If you are in Oakville Florence Meats makes reasonably good biltong.


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Some inquiries I have received


Date: Sun, 07 Sep 1997 20:03:15 -0700
From: Jo Volle <>
Subject: Question

What about rabbit, can I use rabbit meat for biltong ? Alternatives for the preservation of rabbit meat are too few, presently freezing for frying/grilling later.  Can it be utilized for good-quality biltong ? The meat is very lean, like oistrich I imagine, but rabbit meat has a composition of fatty acids that oxgenizes really quickly. Any experiences, ideas on suitable amounts of salt and spices or herbs ?  Carcase is typically around 4 pounds and fresh, as I do my own slaugthering.
Glad for any advice; greetings from Norway.


Date: Thu, 11 Sep 1997 17:36:32 -0700
From: Steve Brandt <>
To: Mark Blumberg
Subject: Droewors

Any clues about a decent recipe for droewors ?

Biltong Jokes

My wife, who is a cynic when it comes to biltong, makes the following joke: what do you call 4lbs of biltong?? ....... "A Good Start"!

Any suggestions for biltong humour so that I can get rid of this joke will be greatly appreciated.

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